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Educational Comics

Graphic Novels

Posters &

Educational Graphic Design

your vision
brought to life.

From conceptualization to scripting and production design to creating the final product, we deliver visually engaging media with embedded education messaging, combining local talent with international experience.

Financial Education Film "Father's Watch", 2016

Films & Docus

We design characters and create stories specifically for your intended messages and target audience.

Working closely with our clients throughout a project, we take care of the entire process from ideation to end product through a team of in-house creatives.

Whether in print or as an animated version, our quality graphic novels are sure to resonate with target audiences.

Animated Version: "Kyatman" Financial Education Comic Part 1 of 4

An original E-Force Universe character | Copyright Eos Group Myanmar Ltd. All Rights resevred.

POSTER - New Names.jpg
YOur Characters
or ours.

Whether you choose to "adopt" one of our existing E-Force heroes to carry your own original story or commission us to build new characters from the ground up, we deliver innovative, captivating and content-rich publications whatever the audience.

2D or 3 D
No two are ever alike.

Whenever we design a new lead character, we start by conceptualizing their identity, envision their back-story and capture their essence in preliminary sketches; all for client review and approval.

From there, a highly consultative and iterative process begins, leading to protagonists and "heroes" that not only encapsulate core organizational values and messaging, but possess a uniqueness and depth of character, making their story both engaging and memorable.

Messaging for a new generation.

From health & safety and other workplace themes, to non-profit organization campaigns corporate initiatives and government projects.

Whatever your message, let us give it the Eos treatment! Eye-catching, entertaining without compromising the message and sure to resonate with young workforces.

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