We garner the best of market-tested methodologies and draw on a global operations heritage of deep engagement in developing markets.

Together with our enthusiastic team of local professionals we are able to we walk closely with partners, clients and beneficiaries, providing qualified technical support, innovative project design and contextualized solutions to ensure meaningful, sustainable and contextually relevant outcomes.

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Financial Education at client level  is often considered an ancilliary service, yet cost-benefit analysis consistently favors it as a key sustainability driver.

In contexts where faith in mainstream financial services is generally low, information and education build customers confidence, without fail leading to an increase in utilization of financial services.

​We will help you design and roll out comprehensive financial education programs not only targeting clients, but in tandem building staff capacity.

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Minimizing risks associated with the uncertainty surrounding new partnerships or affiliations can be a daunting task for many organizations:

It takes a skill set built not just on industry experience, but arising from deep immersion in every facet of the sector, its organizations and their ‘moving parts’.

Ascot’s due diligence specialists continue to demonstrate this skillset, providing due diligence and internal audit services second to none.

Moreover, in tandem with our enterprise risk associates, we are able to offer a more comprehensive approach, seamlessly integrating due diligence outputs and audit results into risk assessments and ultimately enterprise risk management solutions.


We exist to actively support institutional development through innovative approaches to capacity building and sustainable skills transfer initiatives.

We specialize in the design of pilot projects as well as delivery of technical content in field settings.

Using innovative methods and teaching tools underpinned by a focus on measurable skills transfer and deep engagement beyond mere classroom sessions, our courses successfully pave the way for development, corporate social responsibility and humanitarian programs.


From conceptualization to scripting, production design and development to post-production and distribution, we deliver visually engaging media with embedded education messaging, combining local talent with international experience.

We design characters and create stories specifically for your intended messages and target audience.

Working closely with our clients throughout a project, we take care of the entire process from ideation to end product through a team of in-house creatives.


Context Riskdelivers contextualized Safety & Security Risk Management Solutions and
Business Models for non-profit organizations and commercial entities alike.

Employing up-to-date, cost effective and innovative techniques, our success is based on adherence to internationally recognized standards and years of field experience in some of the most challenging operating
environments on the planet.

Our core focus is on growing organizational resilience by enabling prudent risk management as a valued contributor within the programmatic ecosystem