Many of us operate in increasingly complex and volatile contexts.

Ensuring staff safety & security while retaining the ability to achieve programmatic objectives has never been more challenging.

As one of Ascot Global's technical assistance branches, Context Risk focuses on 3 pillars of Security Risk Management Services aiming to assist organizations in meeting duty of care requirements and retaining the programmatic edge no matter what the level of insecurity:


From Context Surveys, Risk Assessments, Situational Analyses, CivMilPol Overviews and Country Reports to Security Reviews and Framework Audits, our information products & services are designed to establish security & safety managemement as an integral part of the operational value chain.


Apart from physical protective measures, fostering a positive security culture is one of the most effective ways to mitigate against many common threats.

Thus in combination with comprehensive security surveys, we deliver interactive risk management and personal safety courses to transfer the skills essential for staff and management to do their part in meeting this objective.


Systematic management of risk is a crucial safety and security prerequisite, no matter what the threat landscape.

We provide the full suite of products and support services, including but not limited to crisis & contingency planning, SOP development, incident reporting systems and security risk management training.

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